Touring London with Chris Matts

Chris Matts tells me his recent InfoQ article “Real Options” Underlie Agile Practices is already translated into Chinese. And you can enjoy his Agile Toolkit Podcast interview on Real Options and their relation to agile practices. 

Chris Matts and ThomWhat is Real Options? It’s about making decisions at the right time with the right information. Chris is a world-leading expert in building software for complex financial models and transactions like arbitrage. He’s a very smart guy…and a learner (see my Responsibility eTips for October 11, 2007)

So when I was in London last week keynoting Agile Business Conference 2007, Chris generously offered to serve as tour guide for a day for me and my family. That’s Chris and my son Thom walking along the River Thames. Chris’s approach to being a tour guide is to walk through London telling us about all the Real Options we can consider for the remaining days of our visit. Chris has lived in London for 20 years and his knowledge of the city changed our visit from just seeing the tourists view of London to seeing the locals view. That means we visit restaurants that no tourist new about! What fun.

On behalf of my family, Thanks Chris!

Posted in Agile on 10/11/2007 04:17 pm
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