Upcoming “Tame Your Teenager” Interview

Watch this video of parenting expert Mark Todhunter and then read below about my upcoming interview with Mark.


Every time I speak about the Responsibility Process™ and your 3 Keys to Responsibility™ men and women approach me afterwords and ask “Christopher, when are you going to have the products and services for me to use with my family to study Responsibility?” I like being asked that question, especially since most of these speeches are to corporate leaders. The truth is that any of the books, special reports, audio programs, or other of my products will help you learn plenty about how to study, demonstrate, ask for, and teach (the these are the 4 steps to teaching or coaching responsibility) responsibility to anyone. And, as the subtitle of my recent 12CD set says, you’ll “master your own life in the process.”

Well, since I started the Ask Christopher Avery monthly tele-seminars the word is out that I’m interested and willing to tell the world about Responsibility Redefined™ via teleseminars and web conferences. So last week I got a call from Mark Todhunter, the parenting expert who hosts the Tame Your Teenager series, asking to interview me. And I jumped at the opportunity.

I’ve been a parent to two boys now ages 16 and 11 since first being introduced to the Responsibility Redefined™ studies a year before my older son was born. That means they’ve grown up with a dad interested in teaching them about how responsibility works in their minds, and how they can tap into this amazing information to overcome challenges and live the life of their dreams. So I’ve learned a little about what works and what doesn’t work. I look forward to sharing it.

Mark your calendar for Wednesday, August 20, 2008 @ 9pm Eastern / 6pm Pacific. Go to Mark’s website for the interview series and ask him to keep you informed about the upcoming interview. You might also want to see more if Mark Todhunter’s video’s about climbing Mt Whitney.

Then, if you have a question about raising responsible kids you’d like Mark to ask me during the interview, leave it here as a comment. Okay? Thanks.

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