Update on posts about Charley Reese on Responsibility

A kind  reader used my contact page today (instead of commenting here on the blog, perhaps to save me orl-sentembarrassment. Thank you.) to alert me to a flaw in my October 2008 posts about columnist Charley Reese. The error probably accounts for why I did not find the original source for a couple of his articles.

I misspelled his name. Numerous times.

It’s “Charley” with an “e-y,” not “Charlie” with an “i-e.” My goodness.

I’ve corrected the spelling in the posts. And here is how to find his wonderful columns on Responsibility and citizenship:

  1. Proceed to the advanced search section of the Archives at OrlandoSentinel.com
  2. Enter “Charley+Reese” and any other keyword or phrase such as “545+people+responsible”
  3. Hit enter. 🙂

Double-click on the image to enlage it and see the results of a search.

Your thoughts?

Posted in Responsibility on 03/06/2009 08:47 pm
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