What Do You Think About The Responsibility Project?

I blogged in September 2006 on Liberty Mutual’s branding campaign about personal responsibility. Their elegant tag line is “Responsibility. What’s your policy?” Policy, insurance company, get it?Liberty mutual logo

I’m enjoying the Liberty Mutual personal responsibility campaign. It is a great message creatively produced. The message is good for business, good for employees, good for the industry, and good for customers. That’s a winning message.

I’d love to see Liberty Mutual include Responsibility Redefined™ in the personal responsibility campaign and help us educate the world about how personal responsibility actually works in the mind. I’m doing my best to connect with Liberty Mutual to make sure Liberty Mutual is aware of how much Responsibility Redefined could add distinction and true longevity to their campaign. If you can help connect me with Liberty Mutual, please let me know.

Liberty Mutual mast

The Liberty Mutual personal responsibility campaign has grown beyond clever ads with a great tagline. Liberty Mutual has launched a blog titled The Responsibility Project, Presented by Liberty Mutual where they are offering up their videos and personal stories from readers answering the question “what does responsibility mean to you?” By all means, please go check it out, register, and then tell them what Responsibility Redefined means to you now that you know how your internal Responsibility Process™ works and how to use the Keys to Responsibility™ to master responsibility. And be sure to link or leave a trackback to this post so we’ll know.

What do you think?

Posted in Responsibility on 05/23/2008 10:36 am
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