What Is Your Biggest Question About Getting (Your Target Audience) to Learn Personal Responsibility?

You are invited to this FREE Live Tele-Seminar

How to Maximize Performance, Overcome Any Challenge, and Achieve Your Dreams With This Breakthrough Discovery About How People Avoid—or Take—Ownership!

Here’s the invitation I sent to folks who attended my recent tele-seminar on Master Personal Agility:

I’ll be spilling the beans for FREE about why some people seem to demonstrate responsibility while others don’t, AND what you cando about it. I’m calling it:

GEA Ad“Maximize Performance, Overcome Any Challenge, and Achieve Your Dreams With This Breakthrough Discovery About How People Avoid—or Take—Ownership!”

Part 1: “How The Mind Processes Thoughts About Responsibilty”

Part 2: “Taking Charge With The Keys to Responsibility”

Please feel free to attend and invite others you care about.

Duration: 70 minutes

Priority Access for the first 100 who Register:

Audio Replay: Everyone registered before February 21st will get FREE access to any audio MP3 replay made from the call. After that it will probably be sold for $49.

And here’s the ad we sent to the Responsibility eTips list yesterday:

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