Who Deserves Your Fan Mail Today?

Concert FanFan Mail arrived in my inbox this morning from Andra Wisian, the talented producer I engaged to pull together a DVD-based training product (watch here on Christopher Avery’s Blog on Responsibility Redefined and on my Responsibility eTips list for launch news in the coming months of Christopher Avery’s Responsibility Redefined DVD-based workshop for trainers and team leaders everywhere).

Hi C!

(Sounds like a drink that goes with Hawaaian Punch.)

Just want to thank you for bringing your message of Responsibility Redefined™ into my life. I just love all your stuff: Needs vs. wants, your take on “win/win,” the formation of teams with “like” people, and the biggest, great idea today in my mind “claiming the wins!”

Do you know how much I focus on “what I did not get done today?”

Well, today, I claimed the wins–what I did accomplish. Turned the day around.

BUT, I did encounter a whiplash from personal Responsibility Redefined. Remember how we’re not supposed to tell others how they are not living up to responsibility? How when a person is stuck in blame, shame, etc, we can’t tell them where they are?

Well, the more I practice this, the more I see others doing it. And it drove me batty today! You have to provide an antidote DVD! People will become addicted to this process and won’t know how to cope with those who don’t know about it.

Now, I must be John the Baptist for Christopher Avery’s Responsibility Redefined. I have two different volunteer groups waiting for Christopher Avery’s Responsibility Redefined, The Movie! So, they too can tap into the extraordinary interpersonal gold mine that Andra has found!! We will buy your product with royalties happily!

Thanks for listening.

Question: Will you be able to review edited pieces Monday/Tuesday via web while you are traveling?

All my best regards,


Isn’t it great when you get to have fun at work and beAmpersaand colorful figures appreciated by colleagues for what you do?

Obviously, Andra’s email added a spark to my day. If you aren’t having fun at work and appreciating colleagues around you for what they do, maybe it’s time to fire up your Responsibility Practice™ and do something about it.

Who deserves an “I appreciate you” fan mail from you today?

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