Yes, I Am Presenting at Agile2007

A friend of mine pointed out this morning that my blog didn’t let her know whether I’d be at Agile2007, 13-17 August, in Washington D.C.

Sorry. Yep, I’ll present a tutorial calledAgile2007 logo Demonstrating Responsibility: The Mindset of an Agile Leader on Monday from 4-5:30PM.

I’ve given versions of this presentation at each of the last two Agile conferences to very large audiences, so I look forward to offering this latest version of the message.

As usual, I plan some exciting twists and turns, including perhaps a major announcement in the life of Responsibility Redefined.

I’ll also be conducting a discovery “think tank” session with Michael England, VP, Global Project Office, ITG Software Solutions.

The title of that session is: Agile Ghettos or Thriving Communities? Are Agile Principles Suitable Only for Development Teams, or Can They Guide Executive Practice Too? It will be Thursday from 2-5:30PM.

See you in D.C.!

Posted in Agile, Leadership, Recommended Resources, Responsibility on 07/17/2007 05:01 pm
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